E-Commerce Made Easy – FINALLY, E-COMMERCE IS FUN for developers

Moltin has made a great, simple E-commerce product here – an API to access your online store and integrate it into any Javascript or PHP app.
Sign up for Moltin’s free tier here: http://midga.me/1zSkKYS

They asked me if I’d do a sponsored video, and I checked out their product…needless to say, I was thrilled with what I came across.

In my opinion, for developers, this is the easiest way to add e-commerce to your website either with Javascript or PHP.

With a few lines of code, you have products on your page, and you can checkout.

Another GREAT feature about Moltin, is you can easily separate your codebase from the Admin tool that non-developers use to manage your storefront, inventory, shipping, orders, etc.

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