MobX tutorial #2 – Computed Values and Nested/Referenced Observables

MobX is AWESOME. It makes React.js programming fun and it…just…works. Get the code here: GET THE CODE: THERE ARE 2 BRANCHES: “master” for where we end up and “start” for where we start. MobX builds on the concept of observable values. When React observes a value, it can automatically update the UI whenever the […]

REACT JS TUTORIAL #8 – React Inline Styles & Component Arrays

Alright, our whole app is in React now. Here’s what I did plus some react tricks along the way. GET THE SOURCE CODE: React JS #1: Intro & Workspace Setup (Coming Tues, Feb [email protected]) React JS #2: Anatomy of a Component (Coming Wed, Feb [email protected]) React JS #3: Composing Multiple Components […]

REACT JS TUTORIAL #6 – React Router & Intro to Single Page Apps with React JS

Let’s start building single page apps with React…this is where it gets fun. We’re going to start with routing – the core of any single page application. As you’ll see, react router makes routing extremely simple. Each route simply gets a component. GET THE SOURCE CODE: React JS #1: Intro & Workspace Setup […]