AWS Certifications in 15 Minutes | Which AWS Certification To Choose | AWS Training | Edureka

( AWS Architect Certification Training – ) This AWS Certification video shall explain to you all the certifications offered by AWS, the important topics to learn and the exam pattern. It will also talk about the job trends and the demand for each certification in the market. This AWS Certification Video is ideal for […]

Variables & Data Types In Python | Python Tutorial For Beginners | Python Programming | Edureka

(** Python Certification Training: **) This Edureka video on ‘Variables and Data Types in Python’ will help you establish a foothold on Python by helping you learn basic concepts like variables and data types. Below are the topics covered in this video: 0:49 Introduction To Python 2:24 Applications Of Python 3:57 Variable Declaration 6:04 […]

YEOMAN TUTORIAL – Master Front-End Workflow with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower

It’s time to take your workflow to the next level! Yeoman makes Front-End Workflow not only fun, but powerful, professional and very cool. If you’re a front-end developer and you don’t use Yeoman, Grunt and Bower, then get ready to enjoy the complexities of front-end development in a whole new way. Yeoman will scaffold out […]

Javascript Tutorial For Beginners – Free JS Course – Web Development Tutorial

This Javascript Tutorial is a Free Javascript Web Development Course designed for beginners. If you’re wanting to know how to Javascript, in this course, you’ll get JS tutorials that cover the basics and programming basics from the very beginning. We’ll cover Javascript variables, if else statements, functions, arrays, event bindings, and more. If you’re learning […]

Vue JS Crash Course

In this crash course you will learn all about Vue.js including what it is, Vue-CLI, components, data, events, directives, etc Sponsor: Code For Turorial: Deploy Sites With Netlify (Video): 💖 Become a Patron: Show support & get perks! Website & Other Udemy Courses Follow Traversy Media: Tweets by traversymedia

Introduction to Cloud | Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners | Cloud Certifications | Edureka

** Cloud Architect Masters Program : ** This Edureka video on “Introduction To Cloud” will introduce you to basics of cloud computing and talk about different types of Cloud provides and its Service models. Following is the list of content covered in this session: 1. What is Cloud? 2. Uses of Cloud 3. Service […]